Is the UK complicit with Saudi Arabia in bombing civilian targets in yemen?

First broadcast on Monday 4 September 2017 at 6:30pm (London) (GMT+1)

on AL Mayadeen network

The show is hosted by George Galloway in front of an audience in London.

Repeated on Tuesday 5th

A production of imaFilm and Narcissi for Al Mayadeen TV

Watch the debate on YouTube: Coming Soon

Talking points:

  • Is the British High Court judgement justifying the trade of arms to the Saudi regime?
  • What meaningful role can the UN play in the Yemen conflict?
  • Is the British military involved in Yemen’s war?
  • When does the International Humanitarian Law apply?


  1. Kim Sharif – Lawyer & Human rights Activist
  2. Dr RS Karim – Director of Veritas Group
  3. Safa Alshami – Activist
  4. Robert Carter – Journalist
  5. Warda – Activist
  6. James Randolph – Researcher
  7. Julian Morrow – Activist



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