The Path to Gaza Prison Camp (Released on Nov. 2013)


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The Path to Gaza Prison Camp


Two parts documentary

Released on November 2013

A journey to Gaza through underground tunnels

To see the prisoners released from the Israeli prisons

Director: Majid Khabazan

Producer: Majid Khabazan; Sakina Datoo



logo-small - Ammar Film FestivalThe film won the Golden Lantern Award on Ammar Film Festival 2014

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On the 18th of October 2011, one Israeli soldier was exchanged for 1027 Palestinian prisoners. The world saw this one Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, heard his name in the world media again and again and got acquainted with his suffering family.

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But few ever got to know the names, faces, and history of the Palestinian prisoners. Shockingly, these prisoners were not even sent to their homes. Instead, they were sent to Gaza, an alleged bigger camp under years of Israeli blockade.

A team of filmmakers, who now work with us, were keen to give voices to these prisoners. To get to them, they were forced to use the ‘illegal’ tunnels, the only route that hundreds of thousands of Gazans use daily to source the basic necessities of life. Once they entered they were able to interview the liberated Prisoners.

The film tells the parallel stories, of the claustrophobia in Gaza and the ordeal of the released prisoners.

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