Next debates in London hosted by George Galloway – 23rd September

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Saturday 23rd September 2017

1st Topic at 1:30pm



First show at 1:30pmwill look into How will ISIS returnees affect Western countries?

Talking points:

  • What can the West expect from former IS supporters returnees?
    After losing their territory, what is the next strategy for IS?
    How will ISIS respond to their loss in this battle?
    Will it have a long term effect on Western foreign policy and internal social/legal measures?

2nd Topic at 4:30pm



Second show at 4:30pm discusses Myanmar’s Rohingya: Ethnic-cleansing continues

Talking points:

  • Why won’t Aung San Suu Kyi act and stand up for human rights for the Rohingya people?
    Why haven’t Muslim and Arab nations played an active role to stop attacks on their co-coreligionists?
    Why has Israel continued arms sales to the brutal regime despite the news of murderous attacks on the Rohingya?
    Why is Myanmar refusing visas to UN team investigating abuse of Rohingya Muslims?


Location: DB Media Studios – North West London

The studio is 9 minute walk from Alperton tube station on Piccadilly line

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Kalima Horra is the flagship current affairs TV talk show of Al Mayadeen, an independent and international news network based in Beirut Lebanon.

The show is hosted by George Galloway MP who kicks it off with an insightful prelude to discuss the most topical global issues.  George Galloway then engages with the audience by answering the questions posed by members of the audience in accordance with the theme of the show.

Al Mayadeen is the fastest growing TV network and the ethos of the show is to talk freely and we are inviting people to do just that. We are looking for people from a wide spectrum of views to take to the floor and quiz George Galloway in a lively studio debate!

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