Is The Middle East War Part of Israel’s Plan?

Is The Middle East War Part of Israel's Plan-


First broadcast on Monday 25 June 2017 at 6:30pm (London) (GMT+1)

on AL Mayadeen network

The show is hosted by George Galloway in front of an audience in London.

Repeated on Tuesday 26th June

A production of imaFilm and Narcissi for Al Mayadeen TV

Watch the trailer:


Watch George’s openning intro:

Watch the whole debate:

Talking points:

  • What does “Greater Israel” plan mean for the Middle East?
  • Can the wars on Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the process of regime change in Egypt be seen in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East?
  • Why did Israeli police block the annual march for Nakba Day on its 68th anniversary?
  • Are the US, UK and Saudi Arabia complicit in the Israeli expansion policies or have mutual interest?


The flyers:



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