Hajj, the Spiritual Journey

Hajj, the Spiritual Jouney, Lecture series


Year: Just before Hajj on 2013

Format: Full HD

Length (each episode): 25 Minutes



Hajj, the Spiritual Journey is the title of a series of ten lectures of high quality production on Hajj and the meanings and explanation of associated rituals.

Dr Mahmood Husein, a university lecturer in London, uses an innovative and unique technique exploiting English language skills to describe the rituals for a wide range of audience.

This is a joint production of Amsha Ltd. and imaFilm Ltd. production companies.
Watch the trailer below

The first four episode titles:

Lecture 1: Mission of Hajj

Lecture 2: Hajj Rituals, The Significance

Lecture 3: Hajj Rituals, Tawaf

Lecture 4: Hajj Rituals; Outside Makkah

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