Forced Garbage Kids (released 2015)

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A powerful and sensational 25 minute factual documentary
The harsh story of Palestinian families who look for their future among garbage

Released on 1st September 2015

Duration: 25′:53″

Director: Majid Khabazan

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Young Palestinian children from refugee camps in Jordan scouring through heaps of trash, both as a job that pays next to nothing, and in search of materials that may be resold or serve as their food, has become a common sight. Many of these children are the sole breadwinners for their families.


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While at one point, Palestinian children working in the garbage cleaning industry attracted attention, it has now becomes such a common practise that no one questions it any more. In this documentary, we will follow two to three such children through their garbage jobs and families they feed through this and allow them to tell their story. We will question why the Jordanian government has allowed these kids to be turned into Garbage Kids.

We will highlight Jordan government indifference to Palestinian children turned Garbage Kids.

Intended Audience: English, Spanish, Arab and French speaking global audience.

Style: the camera follows these children and let them tell their stories. Interviews with experts to question why this is allowed to go on.

Format: Full HD, 16:9

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