Discovering Islam

Discovering Islam


Discovering Islam

a brand new 10 episode documentary series on introducing the essence of Islam



Length: Each episode is around 25-28 minutes
Format: Full HD 16:9
Language: English
Public release: January 2015

Director: Hamid Khairoldin

Producer: Majid Khabazan

Produced by: imaFilm for
Truth Documentary Film Center
Distributor: LMS

Shot in London, Istanbul, Isfahan and Holy cities of Makkah (Mecca) and Medina, Discovering Islam is a must see for both Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested to know more about Islam.

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At the time when Islam is at the centre of the world’s attention it is important that people have an authenticated idea about Islamic tenets.

What are the central beliefs of Islam?

What is Allah?

What is the meaning of tawhid?

If God is in charge then how evil can be explained in the world?

How man has come into existence; does Islam accept the theory of evolution?

How can one reconcile between the free will of man and the all-encompassing power of God?

Do Muslims believe in pre-destination?

What is the purpose of life; why should we die?

What will happen after we pass away from this world?

What is the final destination of man?

What is the viewpoint of Islam about the salvation of Muslims and non-Muslims?

In a ten-part series, Discovering Islam explores all these areas from a purely Islamic perspective and tries to find answers to all the above questions. The documentary offers a fresh perspective on Islam at a time when Islamophobic and takfiri views are rife and widespread. It addresses the Islamic credos in an informative and engaging way by enlisting the expertise of theologians, academics and Imams.

The series highlights the deliberate temporal nature of life, the philosophy and the purpose of worshipping One God, the deeper and multi-faceted meanings of tawhid; the functions of the so-called evil in the world; the creationist and evolutionist views on the creation of man; and the breath takingand majestic state of the life after death.


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Episode 01: God And The Creation, Discovering Islam

Episode 02: Who Manages The World, Discovering Islam

Episode 03: Tawhid in Worship; Discovering Islam

Episode 04: Creation of Man, Discovering Islam

Episode 05: Is God Just; Discovering Islam

Episode 06: Death; Discovering Islam

Episode 07: The Experience of Death; Discovering Islam

Episode 08: Barzakh; Discovering Islam

Episode 09: The Territories of the Souls; Discovering Islam

Episode 10: Resurrection; Discovering Islam

Discovering Islam (6)


Highlights of the topics covered in each episode

Episode 1: God and The Creation

The idea of God is probably the oldest man has ever known.

All cultures have an idea of God although not all of them have the same concept in mind when they talk about God. It is argued that a world without God would be much more difficult to contemplate than a world with God. But:

  • Who is God?
  • Can He be described?
  • What proof is there for His existence?
  • What is his relation to the creation?


Episode 2: Who Manages The World?

At a deeper level, tawhid means that no power or influence can be found in the world unless it is originated and directed by God. Nothing takes place without his command and before his knowledge.

If he is the ultimate director of everything:

  • How the existence of evil can be explained?
  • How does it square with the free will of man?
  • How does God act in the world?
  • How do we explain the act of the angels or the free will of human beings?

Episode 3: Tawhid in Worship

People used to worship idols because they thought they controlled the sources of what they sought. If they wanted a child or money or victory or good harvest, there was a god for each of them who could fulfil their need. It was sheer material need which made them turn to God and since God was so transcendent they sought more immediate deities to talk to.

The big question is:

  • why has God placed this sense of worship in man?
  • Why are we instructed to worship him? Is he in need of us worshipping him?

Discovering Islam

Episode 4: Creation of Man

Human life on the earth is one of the greatest mysteries of creation. How man has come about? Are we the continuation of a long process of evolution?

If that is the case:

  • How can we explain the story of Adam and Eve in the Qur’an and in other Scriptures?
  • What does the Qur’an say about the theory of evolution?
  • Where was the Garden of Eden and how did the expulsion of Adam and Eve happen?
  • Is the story of the original sin true? Do all humans carry the original sin?


Episode 5: Is God Just?

God’s knowledge cannot be contained in time. He knows everything from the pre-eternity to the post-eternity. If God knows everything then he knows what we are going to do in this world. Consequently, he knows who is going to go to Heaven or Hell before they are even born.

  • Does unlimited power of God imply fatalism and lack of human free will?
  • Would God’s primordial knowledge mean predestination of all things?
  • How can God’s control over everything and human free will exist at the same time?
  • The Mu’tazilites’, the Ash’arites’ and the Shi’ites’ views on free will and fatalism.


Episode 6: Death

All cultures correspond to death with frightening thoughts and images. The reason for that is because we look at it from the departure side because we are scared to leave what we are very much familiar with to an unknown.

  • Why do we die?
  • What is the philosophy of temporary life in this world?
  • How does the soul leave the body?


Episode 7: The Experience of Death

According to the Islamic teachings the type of feeling we have at the time of death depends on the way we have lived. The very short-lived life of this world with all its flaws and failings is the most crucial stage of human existence.

This life is the ‘shaping’ and ‘moulding’ stage in which we mould our souls. After the soul is moulded whatever decision we take, whatever choice we make, our likes and dislikes, are all determined by that mould.

That mould is the soul’s personality which the Quran calls shaakila. Shaakila is the character which is formed due to certain behaviour


  • How would the dead come back to life?
  • The concepts of time and space in the hereafter
  • The Day of Judgment
  • God as the King and the Sole Possessor of things on the Day of Judgment


Episode 8: Barzakh

The world of the dead is usually portrayed as the most terrifying realm man has ever imagined: the realm of spooks. We are usually frightened even to think about it.

However, based on the Islamic teachings what comes after death and before resurrection of the dead is a fascinating world.

It is called Barzakh because there is an impregnable ‘barrier’ between that dimension and the dimension in which we live in now; it cannot be penetrated back after the soul has passed through with the help of the angel of death.

  • Why would the souls remain in Barzakh?
  • What do the souls do in Barzakh?


 Discovering Islam (3)

Episode 9: The Territories of Souls

The geography of Barzakh is difficult to outline. In the broadest sense it can be divided into three main territories: the territory of the righteous; the territory of the sleepwalkers; and the territory of the evil ones. All these are spiritual boundaries rather than physical ones.


Episode 10: Resurrection

In the Christian world Resurrection usually refers to the resurrection of Jesus from grave. In Islamic terminology, by resurrection it means the revival of all the dead into their bodies that takes place after tremendous disruption in the order of the universe.

  • What happens prior to the resurrection day?
  • What is the Trumpet, which is said to be blown before the whole world is destroyed?
  • How would the dead come back to life? How the bodies would be created again?
  • What is the concept of time and space in the hereafter?
  • What is the Day of Judgment?
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