Cinepolitics is a weekly show produced by imaFilm productions team.
This site is a weblog dedicated to this programme. All visitors can contribute on the discussion and leave comments or respond to other comments.

The programme is looks at current cinematic releases, from dramas to documentaries, and explores the political and social issues that shape them. In each episode we focus on just one film, separating us from the many review programmes on air. We have covered such varied releases as Michael Moore’s expose documentary of the American health care system ‘Sicko’, Robert Redford’s anti-war drama ‘Lions for Lambs’, Gavin Hood’s tense political thriller ‘Rendition’, and ‘Brick Lane’, the cinema adaptation of Monica Ali’s best-selling novel.

Our hosts in London have been Russell Michaels, Lauren Booth, Faiza Ahmed and Abdul-Rehman Malik while we have featured film critics from The Financial Times, Total Film Magazine, Empire Magazine and the BBC, as well as esteemed film maker Don Boyd.

Each show is twenty five minute in length and features in depth discussion between the host and our two guests, which are interspersed by appropriate video clips from the films, as well as interviews with the director and the movies’ key actors and actresses.

We have covered some 290 films hence 290 episodes of this programme.