imafilmWith over ten years in the production, imaFilm is an innovative and ambitious production company that specialises in documentary, TV talk shows and news production services. The company has been able to set up a dedicated team and network of professionals, enthusiast film-makers and producers in a way that with minimal costs has created some very high class broadcasting programmes.

Our motto is that “small is beautiful” so we believe that a dedicated small team will be able to do things – as we did – that big names cannot believe that it is possible.

Our team consists of members who some of them have been in this profession for more than three decades. The company also enjoys the contribution of many talented young experts and newcomers.

 As well as knowledge and expertise, we pride ourselves on providing top quality studio services, training, production and post-production facilities.

For all inquiries you can write to:  info@imafilm.com

Follow the link below for the April 2014 brouchure of imaFilm productions: